Chrononhotonthologos explained


I've just browsed through Chrononhotonthologos
er.........I don't get it!!!!


In order to really appreciate it you have to have an 18th century mindset. Ordinary people did not have TV or radio, could not read or write, and were generally uneducated. To them, Chrononhotonthologos was a humorous play. It was so popular that the word "Chrononhotonthologos" became a commonly used word in the English language and was used to describe a blustering overbearing ineffective person. It's is a great noun that can be applied to any noisy sputtering overbearing jerk that thinks he knows it all.

The site memorializes the play. But that is not the real purpose of the site. It's real purpose is to host a number of other files that are totally unrelated to Chrononhotonthologos. Those pages are indirectly accessible by going to my home page at