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"Foke" is the warrior's term for what humanity [collectively] calls focus. The "us" in foc[us] implies the word "we", a collective; a group. In a warrior's world, the decideable (make up one's mind) duty of one's own foke, in it's purest form, delimits the dependence on any other. Exerting one's own mind exhorting the mindfulness of other(s) corrupts one's own. It is an individual choice - a volitional choice, i.e., the act of making a conscious choice or decision; the power or faculty of choosing; will.

In any hour and any issue of his life, man is free to think or evade that effort. Thinking requires a state of full, foked awareness. The act of foking one's consciousness is volitional. Man can foke his mind to a full, purposefully directed awareness of reality - or he can unfoke it and let it stray amiss in a semi-conscious stupor, merely reacting to any stimulus of the immediate moment, at the mercy of his undirected sensory - perceptual mechanism and any random, associational connections it might happen to make.

When man unfokes his mind, he may be said to be conscious in a subhuman sense of the word, since he experiences sensations and perceptions, a default by nature of his being a man. But in the sense of the word applicable to a man living as a warrior - in the sense of a consciousness which is aware of reality and able to deal with it, a consciousness able to direct the actions and provide for the survival of a human being - an unfoked man is not conscious.

Psychologically, the choice "to think or not" is the choice "to foke or not." Existentially, the choice "to foke or not" is the choice "to be conscious or not." Metaphysically, the choice "to be conscious or not" is the choice of life or death.

Foke designates a quality of one's mental state, a quality of active alertness. Inclusive in the requisition acts of ascension towards "warrior - capable", foke means the state of a goal - directed mind committed to attaining and maintaining full awareness of reality. It's the state of a mind committed to seeing, to grasping, to understanding, to knowing. Full awareness does not mean omniscience. It means commitment to grasp all the relevant full facts to one's concern and activity at any given time. Maintaining a perspicuous mode when making choice and/or taking action when dealing with the reality around himself. Assuming the responsibilty of taking control of your consciousness and directing it.